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Verdane acquires CAIA Cosmetics

CAIA Cosmetics was founded in March 2018 by the beauty veterans Mikael Snabb and Jesper Matsch, together with Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso and her manager Vanessa Lindblad. The Company sold its first product in November the same year and the growth since has been explosive – the Company is now present in more than 30 countries and aims to double the turnover from 2019 to reach above SEK 120m in 2020.

The Company has an uncompromising focus on quality and works exclusively with the world’s best cosmetics manufacturers. Through a direct-to-consumer model CAIA Cosmetics offers best-in-class quality products at an affordable price point.

The founders’ key driver to evaluate a partnership transaction was to accelerate growth and get onboard valuable expertise in terms of e-com excellence and international expansion. Even though the Company has sold more than 600,000 products in 30 different regions – the majority of revenues to date stem from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Verdane offers CAIA extensive experience from the e-com sector in general, but also from digital native vertical brands.

“We believe there is a 2-3 year window where we have a great opportunity to gain market share internationally. The founders agreed that we wanted to bring in a partner to help us in that expansion. We want to avoid making bad decisions and instead make it right from the get-go”, says Mikael Snabb.

CAIA’s founders will remain active in full capacity post the transaction and will all reinvest a large share of their proceeds.

The team consisted of Tomas Almgren, Martin Agerup, Felicia Nordin.


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