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As a project manager, Valentum assumes complete responsibility for the whole transaction process, from beginning to end. This includes preparing all relevant documentation, such as information memorandums and financial data books, company presentations and analysis material, taking responsibility for the due diligence process, communication with the chosen counterparts as well as negotiating and shaping a process strategy.

Company divestments

Sometimes a situation where an owner wishes to sell 100% of the company arises. This could be due to many circumstances, business or personally related. As a project manager, Valentum will be there throughout the whole transaction process and will take full responsibility, from beginning to end.

Selling a share to an investor

Many owners have reached a point where they would like to bring in a partner who can contribute to the continued growth of the company. This could entail expanding the business internationally or carrying out additional acquisitions to increase market shares. Growth companies create large values which are difficult to realise. By selling a part of the company to an investor with the ability to contribute, there is a possibility of monetising a large proportion of the created value at the same time as remaining as a significant shareholder.

Acquisition of companies

Acquisitions are an efficient path to growth that in many cases provide an opportunity of broadening the product and service offering. Valentum identifies, assesses and manages acquisitions both in Sweden and internationally.

Growth capital

Fast growing companies are in many cases in need of external funds in order to assess and make potential expansion plans possible – Valentum identifies, assesses and prepares the most suitable alternative together with the client, anything from share issues to bank loans or other types of financing.

Would you like to know how your company would stand up in a potential sale?

Contact us for an analysis of your company and the market, and to find out what possibilities there are ahead of a sale.

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