Valentum launches a service for companies with liquidity problems

During these uncertain times, many well-managed entrepreneurial companies are struggling with liquidity. They are fighting for their survival because of the Coronavirus crisis. To help these companies Valentum has devised a new process where a select group and prepared investors can contribute with capital within a couple of weeks. Normally this process takes three to six months. Capital will be of varied size.

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Why use advisers when selling your company?

Half of all private company sales are conducted without advisers. Many companies are consequently divested below their actual value and Swedish company owners are losing out on billions.

To divest a company is a complex process and requires thorough preparation, analysis and substantiated argumentation of a company’s value proposition. The industry progresses quickly and having updated knowledge and experience is crucial in order to achieve favourable deal terms.

Experienced investors, where acquisitions make up a large part of the business, use advisers in transaction processes. As a seller, it is therefore recommended to consult an adviser that represents your interests during negotiations and that relentlessly works to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Having a specialised adviser who understands the commercial aspect of the deal and manages the whole process, secures the best possible outcome of your divestment. At the same time, you will get access to a large network of potential buyers.

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Would you like to know how your company would stand up in a potential sale?

Contact us for an analysis of your company and the market, and to find out what possibilities there are ahead of a sale.

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