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Advises Cooee Design on its sale to Altor and Network of Design

Cooee Design is a fast-growing Swedish designer brand offering a range of products within the home interior space such as vases, trays and objects. The company was founded in 2007 by Catrine Åberg, Henrik Åberg, an Las Åberg who have since then led the evolution of the company and brand. The products are appreciated by the customers and the brand has a large following on social media.

The company has a close collaboration with designers such as Kristiina Engelin, Eddie Gustafsson, Hans-Christian Bauer, Lars Tornoe, Anders Pfeiffer Gjengedal and Tim Torp Hansen. Cooee Design sells their products through the own webshop as well as through a wide network of resellers in Scandinavia as well as Germany and abroad.

Altor Equity Partners acquires Cooee Design as a part of their designer brand house, Network of Design. The Group previously boasts a range of strong brands such as String Furniture. The founders will remain with a significant ownership share post transaction and will continue to take part in the company’s evolution going forward together with Altor.

“As owners and entrepreneurs evolving and developing our family business has remained close to our hearts and the sales process was a decision which has taken some time for us. The first part was finding the right advisor and partner to join us in the process and all the way to closing. Already in our first meeting with Anton Truvé at Clearwater we had a good feeling of knowledge, loyalty, and commitment. We immediately noticed that the team was always available, early morning as well as late night all days of the week. We could get input on small as well as more important questions. This made us feel very secure throughout the process. The team at Clearwater set up an agenda and a weekly schedule which we, with their help, were able to follow. We could soon see that Clearwater with their professionalism and knowledge could present a range of interested buyers and guide us in our decision. We decided on Altor and their new brand group Network of Design where we look forward to being part of building a group of successful design brands. We would like to thank the team at Clearwater for an amazing collaboration!” – Åberg family, founders of Cooee Design

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