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Advises Verdane on the sale of MM Sports to CapMan

Clearwater International has advised Verdane on the sale of MM Sports, a leading e-commerce company focused on sports nutrition and equipment, to the Nordic private assets management and investment company, CapMan.

MM Sports is one of the largest providers of food supplements and gym wear in the Nordics. With a strong portfolio of proprietary brands and products developed in-house, as well as a selection of external brands, the company sells most of its products through its e-commerce platform but also operates nine physical stores in Sweden.

CapMan acquires a majority equity share in the company, with key members of the MM Sports organisation also investing a significant share. CapMan will partner with the MM Sports team to continue to support its accelerated growth and international expansion.


“We are looking forward to the next phase of growth and are excited to start collaborating with the CapMan team. We see great potential in the market and believe that with our high-quality products and strong team we will be able to grow sales, also outside of Sweden. CapMan will continue to bring the support needed for our organisation to take the next step.”

Erik Sjöberg, CEO, MM Sports


“We are excited to join MM Sports on its journey to capture further growth in Sweden and accelerate international expansion. We are especially impressed by the strong winning culture in MM Sports, which is and will continue to be a key success factor for any company. The strong focus on their proprietary brands and in-house developed products is also something we expect to build further on.”

Tobias Karte, Partner, CapMan Buyout


Henrik Jakobsson


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