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Litorina acquires Fractal Design

Valentum advised the owners of Fractal Design (FD Sweden AB) on the sale to Litorina IV.

Litorina invests in Fractal Design, a leading Swedish player in the development and distribution of casing, fans, cooling systems and power supplies aimed at high-performance gaming computers. Fractal Design has a turnover of SEK 275 million and sells approximately 400,000 casing units annually to more than 40 markets.

Fractal Design’s customers are PC-gamers, a rapidly growing market where buyers often have high technical demands. The market for PC-hardware aimed at advanced customers is expected to grow 7-10 percent annually the coming years and has already reached a market size of around USD 18 billion.

By continuously delivering high quality products with high technical standards, Fractal Design has received favourable reviews from customers as well as professional critics worldwide.

As a step in realising the next phase of the company’s journey, the private equity firm Litorina has invested in the company.

“We have a challenging plan ahead of us, both in increasing market shares and entering new markets. We’re considering this the beginning of our journey, with a strong and competent owner that can support us and contribute with capital”, says Hannes Wallin, CEO and founder of Fractal Design.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Robert Bäckström, Oscar Coster and Tomas Almgren.


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