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Altor invests in Fritidsfabriken

Valentum advised the owners of Fritidsfabriken (RevolutionRace AB) on the sale to Altor.

Altor invests in RevolutionRace, a leading Swedish direct-to-consumer brand who designs and develops high quality functional clothes, marketed through the company’s online store. The company has shown an exceptional growth since it was founded in 2013, reaching a turnover of more than SEK 120 million in 2017, with high profitability. In the past 14 months, the company has successfully expanded geographically and launched in the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe.

RevolutionRace has established an exciting position in the growing outdoor market and is well-positioned to capitalise on current market trends. The core of the company is to provide affordable high quality products, together with a successful digital marketing strategy and a direct-to-consumer sales model where many steps in the usual supply chain can be skipped.

To further accelerate Fritidsfabriken’s growth, the founders decided to sell a minority share to Altor IV. Altor has relevant experience from supporting outdoor brands and has invested in Rossignol and Helly Hansen amongst others.

“When we started looking for a partner, we were looking for someone who could complement our capabilities and contribute with experience”, say Pernilla and Niclas Nyrensten, founders of RevolutionRace.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Gustaf Plyhm, Martin Agerup och Anton Truvé.

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