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ShortCap acquires Infront IT-Partner

Valentum advised the owners of Infront IT-Partner on the sale to ShortCap.

ShortCap has acquired 51 percent of the IT-supply company Infront IT-Partner. The company has grown rapidly since it in 2011 was founded by three entrepreneurs, Johan Rosenqvist, Patrik Sandin and Henrik Enbom. The founders will remain as owners and continue to work in the company. Infront-IT-Partner has a turnover of SEK 400 million and is a leading supplier of IT-equipment, licenses and consultancy services to small and medium sized Swedish companies. IT-Partner is one of the fastest growing IT-retailers with a customer satisfaction of 95 percent, according to the latest customer survey, and continues to be a strong competitor in the market.

ShortCap has a broad knowledge of IT-supply and IT-consultancy firms, which will provide possibilities for development and expansion of Infront IT-Partner. The new ownership will enable Infront IT-Partner to continue to grow and become an even stronger full-range supplier for both existing and new customers.

“ShortCap invests in fast growing and dynamic companies, some in the IT and internet markets. The founders of Infront have really impressed us. Through listening to their customers they have come up with an interesting business model in the SMB market that we believe in. Together with our experts in the sector, we think that Infront can accelerate its expansion and further grow its business”, says Eric Severin, CEO at ShortCap.

“The new ownership structure will give us the experience needed to further strengthen our service offering and continue to grow. Together with ShortCap we’re looking forward to continuing our mission to be the best supplier to our clients”, says Johan Rosenqvist, founder.

“Together with the new owners, we will get new competencies within the board that will help us to develop Infront further”, says Patrik Holmström, CEO at Infront IT-Partner.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Gustaf Plyhm, Henrik Jakobsson, David Hammarström and Anton Truvé.

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