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Triton acquires Unident

Unident was founded in the early 90’s by the two Nordwall brothers after leaving high school. Now they are selling a majority stake in the fast growing and profitable dental company to the private equity firm Triton in order to expand further in the Nordics.

The company has offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and employs close to 160 people. It is one of the leading distributors of dental consumables, equipment, laboratory services and analytic software in the Nordic market.

The CEO and founder Marcus Nordwall explains why Triton was chosen: “Triton combines financial capacity to support Unident with competence in the health sector and long experience of creating business all over the Nordic countries. We look forward to working together with them as co-owners. Our vision is to become the go-to choice for dental clinics all over the Nordic countries when they’re looking for a reliable supplier of dental products, equipment and related services”.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Joakim Tengzelius, Martin Agerup and Jonathan Enqvist.


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