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Alfort acquires a minority share from the Pomona Group

Alfort & Cronholm was founded in 1906. The company pioneered what we now call DIY, or the do-it-yourself market. After a several years with Pomona as partner, the Alfort family has bought back the shares outstanding and thereby own 100 percent of the business again.

Alfort started as a retailer and wholesaler of paint and paint shop products. Over the years, the company has developed into a national wholesaler for paint brushes, materials and other related products. Alcro paint is now Alcro-Beckers and is owned by Tikkurila Paints. The other part of the business, the wholesale side, is owned by the Alfort family and is still called Alfort & Cronholm.

The company has a turnover of SEK 450 million and employs around 70 employees.

“Together with lawyers and tax advisers we found a favourable and simple solution to a complex problem for all parties. It has been a very interesting process for all involved and we look forward to following the development of the company in the future”, says Joakim Tengzelius, CEO and partner at Valentum.

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