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Valentum becomes Clearwater International Sweden

About Clearwater International Sweden

Valentum have chosen to merge with the international M&A advisor Clearwater International and from the 16th of September 2020 Valentum becomes Clearwater International Sweden. Through this merge we will have a larger global footprint with 18 offices in 10 countries across Europe Asia and North America. This is an important step in the development of our business, and we foresee great potential for future transactions and to be able to create even better deal terms for our clients.

Just like Valentum, Clearwater International Sweden is an innovative M&A advisory, focusing on divestments and acquisitions of large unlisted companies.

We are an advisory who never leave anything to chance and that relentlessly represent our customers during the whole process.

We will continue to ensure favourable deal terms through tailor made processes, dedicated specialists, and access to a network of potential buyers worldwide. Because Swedish entrepreneurs deserve more.


“We are excited to join Clearwater International, this is an important step in the evolution of our business. Clearwater have a proven approach to their international reach, sector focus and independent advice, we are looking forward to becoming rooted in their team and expanding our reach.” – Tomas Almgren, Managing Partner at Clearwater International Sweden


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Why chose Clearwater International Sweden

  • A better deal

    We manage the whole process, leave nothing to chance and guarantee a result that exceeds the expectations. Because Swedish entrepreneurs deserve more.

  • Large network

    We carry out transactions all over the world so we have access to and are prioritised by all potential buyers.

  • Dedicated specialists

    Business transactions are our main focus. It’s what we do every day. Consequently, our knowledge is always up to date and we carry out transactions annually worth billions of SEK.

  • Adapted process

    Each company and market is unique. Which is why we don’t have a standardised process. We rethink and adapt the process to suit the needs of each company and situation.

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