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Lyko and Bellbox merges

In only a few years, a hairdresser in Vansbro grew to become one of the largest online stores for hair and beauty products in Sweden. Lyko, a family business, has now taken the next step in its development and partnered with Bellbox, a previous competitor. Through the merger, a leading multi-channel retailer with a turnover of SEK 500 million was created.

“Lyko and Bellbox have both individually been pioneers and leaders in the Swedish hair and beauty industry. Together, we have created a fantastic opportunity to improve further, both physically through our retail stores, and online”, says Rickard Lyko, CEO at Lyko.

“The merger makes it possible to offer an exciting and complete consumer experience and a world class customer service. We will intensify our efforts to create a better company, both for our customers as well as our staff and partners”, says Håkan Håkansson, CEO at Bellbox.

“It has been exciting to work with Rickard Lyko. In a world where consumers buy products through computers, mobiles and in stores, it is increasingly important to be present for the customer in all sales channels. The merger of Lyko and Bellbox will result in many advantages for the customers and we are looking forward to following the development in the future”, says Joakim Tengzelius, partner at Valentum.

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