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Axcel acquires IsaDora

Axcel invests in IsaDora, Scandinavia’s leading cosmetics company with production and head offices in Malmö, along with additional manufacturing capabilities in Bern. IsaDora was founded by Ingvar Vigstrand and family in 1983 and is today represented in more than 40 markets globally and is one of the largest independent cosmetic brands in Europe.

IsaDora’s latest disclosed turnover was SEK 426 million with a profit of SEK 148 million before tax.

“The company was founded in 1983 and we have been on an amazing journey as a family business since, and established ourselves as the number one in the Swedish market. Selling your life’s work is always a major decision to take, but after lengthy discussions with Axcel we are certain that we have found the right partner to take IsaDora to the next level”, says Ingvar Vigstrand, owner and CEO at IsaDora.

“Ingvar Vigstrand has created a unique company, full of innovative and competent co-workers. We envisage a large and growing market with an annual growth of 5%, whilst the Middle East, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia offer exciting new possibilities and even higher growth. We also think there is huge potential in the US market that demands further analysis, which is why we’re really looking forward to working out a detailed plan with IsaDora for the future”, says Vilhelm Sundström, partner and head of investments at Axcel.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Tomas Almgren, Joakim Tengzelius, Martin Agerup and Jonathan Enqvist.

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