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Volati acquires me&i

In nine years, Susan and Helene have created a leading door-to-door clothing brand in the Nordics. In December 2013 the owners chose to sell 60% of the company to Volati and together they have continued the success story that started around 2005 in Skåne.

Me&I designs quality clothes for children and their parents which are distributed through door-to-door sales by more than 800 salespeople. Since its foundation nine years ago, the company has grown to a business with a turnover of SEK 200 million and is present in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK.

The company had reached a stage where the owners wanted to find a partner who could assist in the company’s international expansion. The owners chose Volati, a Swedish investment company with long experience from developing companies together with their owners.

“We view this as a perfect way to develop Me&I. We’re proud of what we’ve built up these last nine years, at the same time we want to develop and move forward. With Volati on board, we will have access to new knowledge, capital and network and it’s exciting to take our business to its next stage”, says Susan Engvall, CEO at me&i.

The process of finding a new owner attracted much interest. It’s a very attractive company that in a short time period has established itself as a leading provider in the Nordic market. There’s also potential to grow in the European market.

“We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to support Susan and Helene in this transaction and we are confident that the success story that began in Barsebäck nine years ago will continue to develop positively in the future. Volati is a very good partner for me&i and we are looking forward to following the development, both in Sweden and abroad”, says Joakim Tengzelius.

Volati was founded in 2003 by Karl Perlhagen and Patrik Wahlén and creates value in a few selected companies through professional, active and responsible ownership. Volati had a turnover of more than SEK 1.2 billion in 2013 and through the acquisition of me&i they are invested in seven companies.


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