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Valentum launches a new service for companies with liquidity problems

During these uncertain times, many well-managed private companies are struggling with liquidity problems. They are fighting for their survival because of the Coronavirus crisis. In order to help such companies, Valentum has devised a new process through which a select group of prepared investors can contribute with capital within a matter of weeks. In comparison, a normal capital raising process takes three to six months. The process is flexible and the committed capital can vary in size.

“At Valentum we feel we have a responsibility to helpnot just for the sake of the entrepreneurs but also for all the workers that they employ. Additionally, we believe that we are in a unique position to contribute, since we have close relationships with many of Sweden’s most successful entrepreneurs and a network of financially strong investors who are more than willing to step in and support companies in distress. This is why we are launching our new service”, says Tomas Almgren, CEO and partner at Valentum.

The government has so far been focusing on liquidity and preventing large-scale layoffs, but many companies will experience solvency problems due to a loss of income. Through the new process, Valentum acts as a financial intermediary for companies seeking to raise external capital. Some ten, financially strong, investors have already expressed their interest in taking part and hopefully the number of investors will continue to grow. As Valentum specialises in helping medium-sized companies, the service is aimed at companies with a turnover of at least SEK 100 million.

“We’re going through difficult times, but together we can pull through”, Tomas Almgren concludes.


Tomas Almgren provides some background:

“Since we started Valentum eight years ago, being the entrepreneur’s best friend has been our main goal. Over the years, we have grown to become Sweden’s most successful advisory firm for medium-sized private companies. We have had the pleasure of helping many successful companies in finding new owners, bringing in partners in order to grow or realising parts of the value created by the original founders.”


Is your company experiencing liquidity problems? Take this opportunity to contact us here at Valentum for more information and to find out if the new service which we are offering can help your company. Please see contact details of our CEO Tomas Almgren below.

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