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Connecting Capital acquires Fasadgruppen

The Swedish investment company Connecting Capital invests in Fasadgruppen, Sweden’s largest and only nationwide supplier of façade renovations. The company was founded in 2016 when two façade entrepreneurs, STARK Fasadrenovering and Karlssons Fasadrenovering, merged. The aim was to become the leading supplier of external renovations in Sweden. Since then, Fasadgruppen has grown significantly, both organically and through acquisitions which have widened the range of services and also the geographical reach. Today, Fasadgruppen consists of five façade renovation companies, all with leading positions in their local markets. The company also controls Robust Hyrutställning, who supplies scaffoldings.

Fasadgruppen has an annual turnover of more than SEK 600 million and employs approximately 350 people.

The management and key personnel will continue to own a significant minority stake in the company and will, with support from Connecting Capital, continue to develop the business and continue the initiated consolidation of the market.

“It’s exciting to be able to work with Connecting Capital and take advantage of their long experience in business development. Together with our specific knowledge of the industry, it creates favourable conditions to take Fasadgruppen to the next level”, says Mikael Karlsson, CEO and current owner of Fasadgruppen.

Valentum’s project team consisted of Gustaf Plyhm, Oscar Celsing, Henrik Jakobsson and Henrik Falkenby.

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