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Verdane acquires CURA of Sweden

Valentum advised the owners of CURA of Sweden in the sale to Verdane.


CURA of Sweden was founded in 2017, and has in a very short time established itself as the leading brand within weighted duvets and other sleep related products for the bedroom. Hundreds of thousands of customers have, in the past few years, improved their sleep with the help of CURA’s weighted duvets and the Company places large focus on functional, quality and sustainability aspects of the product. Behind the success is the entrepreneur Johan Andersson from Sundsvall, with extensive experience from health-related products. CURA has grown rapidly and established distribution throughout the Nordics through a vast range of retailers, and tied a team of renowned sleep scientists to the Company, as well as Börje Salming as brand ambassador. The Company continues its push for international expansion, and multiple larger geographies form part of the Company’s plans for the near future.


In order to continue the rapid growth, and also secure the firm support of a knowledgeable partner, Verdane became the natural choice after a process in the spring of 2020. The founders remain in the Company with a significant ownership stake post transaction, and the partnership has already meant adding new competencies to management and board.


As a founder, main owner, and above all entrepreneur I feel that it is absolutely essential to be understood by people that you form a bond of trust with. To analyse and evaluate the accounts and finances, potential, valuation aspects is, I would argue, the easiest part of the process of finding a suitable buyer for an entrepreneur’s company. But to understand the person behind the company, and their emotional bond with their company is, I would think, less common. For me, that part was critical.


The team from Valentum that guided me throughout the process and with Verdane proved, apart from five-star competence in the purely commercial aspects of the process also a complete understanding of the above. With enormous amounts of patience and an always-available attitude, even when bombarded with questions, thoughts and worries on Saturdays and Sundays alike, they gave me a sense of security to be trusted completely. Without that help and understanding I would not, as the former main owner in CURA, have reached even close to the success that was eventually the result. Thanks Anton, Andreas and the team!”

                Johan Andersson, Founder CURA of Sweden

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