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Lagercrantz Group acquires Cue Dee

Cue Dee is a world leading company in a niche sector of the telecom market. The company primarily develops and sells fastenings where strength and flexibility are crucial. Valentum advised the owners of Cue Dee on the sale to Lagercrantz Group.

Cue Dee has an annual turnover of SEK 180 million with high profitability. The company mainly focuses on development and distribution of fastenings that are used for mounting of mobile network units on masts, roofs and other exposed places. The company has a worldwide customer base in the telecom market. Cue Dee is based in Robertsfors, north of Umeå, and has a subsidiary in China.

“We’ve been working with antennas, masts and solutions for mounting of equipment since the end of the 70’s. The high quality and flexibility of our products have been appreciated all over the world. As new owners, Lagercrantz will make sure that we can continue to meet the future demands of our customers”, says Lars Olofsson, CEO and former part owner of Cue Dee.

After a process that attracted much interest, the owners chose Lagercrantz, a technology group selling value-adding technology, either through its own products or from resell of other leading suppliers. The group consist of around 40 companies, each one aimed at a specific market niche. Cue Dee will become part of the division Mechatronics starting in April 2015.


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